RetroNinja is an independent game developer, owned and operated by industry veteran Tony Barnes, specializing in arcade-oriented action/adventure games on all leading platforms. 

Inspired by the likes of Treasure, Platinum and Housemarque; RetroNinja is all about feeding gamers who want arcade games, exactly what they want, combining old school flavor with new school cooking.


Tony Barnes has been making video games for over three decades, starting as a solo developer in the 8-bit days on Apple II's, C64's and his favorite; the Atari home computers. He's contributed to and lead teams from a size of one, up to hundreds.

Specializing in action/arcade games, Tony has provided; art, music, code, production and design leadership across dozens of products and platforms. 

Franchise builder, firefighter and vision holder; many of Tony's products have garnered awards and praise and Tony himself has been given the auspicious honor of The Jerry Lawson Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2019.

Never one to stand still, Tony maneuvers through genres, looking to gain as much knowledge as he can about his craft and to bring his special sauce to everything he touches.

In 2020, Tony Barnes formed RetroNinja, to give himself an unfettered outlet for the types of games he enjoys creating.  Focusing on arcade-oriented action/adventure games, Tony intends for RetroNinja to be the go-to for visceral action experiences.

Barnes says, "I'm laser-focused on giving players action experiences they want, versus trying to water things down for the masses and chasing trends."




2010 - 2019

Strider 2014

Medal of Honor 2010

Killer Instinct


The Movie Game


New World

The Grand Tour

UFOs Love Cows


2000 - 2009

Midnight Club:

Los Angeles

Wrath Unleashed

Star Wars - EP3:

Revenge of the Sith


Resist or Serve

Dirty Harry

Biolabs: Outbreak!

Axiom Overdrive

The Executives

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Star Trek DS9:

The Fallen

Big Kahuna Reef Party

The Goofy Gourmet


1990 - 1999

Desert Strike

Urban Strike

Super Strike Trilogy


Spellicopter II

Future Cop: LAPD

Crue Ball

Mutant League Football

Zombie High

Berenstain Bears:

Fun with Colors

Berenstain Bears:

Learn About Letters


with Ricky Carmichael

Madden 94

Ghost Rider

Harley's Humongous Adventure

Jungle Strike

Nuclear Strike 64

Designasaurus II

Stargate SG-1

Blood Omen:

Legacy of Kain

General Chaos


Berenstain Bears:

At Home Adventure

Berenstain Bears:

Jigsaw Fun

Compton's Multimedia Encyclopedia

Jet Moto 3

EA's Bill Walsh College Football




1985 - 1989


Escape from Hell