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June 10th, 2022

Game Release!: BPM Boy

Arcade roller / platformer, BPM Boy has been released as a timed-exclusive for the Atari VCS.

A 9 month solo-dev game, BPM Boy is an homage to arcade rollers of the past, like Marble Madness, Super Meat Boy, deBlob and Crystal Castles, complete with leaderboards, hidden collectables and dynamic funky / jazzy / electronic tunes. 

BPM Boy is RetroNinja's first release, as an independent studio.

Be sure to check out the release trailer:

​YouTube | Soundcloud

Oct 11th, 2021

New game announce and teaser video: BPM Boy

An arcade roller / platformer, with heavy influences from Marble Madness, Super Meat Boy, deBlob and Crystal Castles, BPM Boy is a fun arcade game made specifically for the Atari VCS (other platforms tbd).

Coming soon, but be sure to check out the teaser, for a small taste of the rolling, jumping and Dynamic Music & Sound Reactor (DMSR) system.

Physics-based | Roller | Platformer


YouTube | Soundcloud

Sept 30th, 2020

A quick teaser for: Run Die Run Again

Tony Barnes said this about the quick teaser video, "Solo independent development can be tough, but one fun thing about being solo & indie is I can do what I want, when I want. So, I decided to make some music and cut a short teaser for RDRA, just because it's Wednesday."


Sound on for best experience.


First-person | Survival | Platformer


YouTube | Soundcloud | Steam Page

Sept 9th, 2020

RetroNinja announced their upcoming game: Run Die Run Again

Tony Barnes in speaking about RDRA said, "I wanted to make something I could do largely on my own, and while trying to figure out what that was, I was playing a lot of Destiny, Trials, Super Meat Boy and Titanfall 2.  I thought; First-person Super Meat Boy, now there's a game I think would be fun, a game I could make by myself."

Run Die Run Again (RDRA) is a fast-paced first-person precision platformer, where every inch of the environment is out to kill you! A speed-running, trial and error endurance contest, where fast reactions and acrobatic dodging skills are rewarded.

Be sure to check out the trailer and screenshots on the GAMES page, and sign up for the newsletter for more information.

First-person | Survival | Platformer

YouTube | Soundcloud | Steam Page

July 11nd, 2020

RetroNinja continues the teasing of our upcoming game, code-named: Project RDRA

"It was #screenshotSaturday and we thought it would be nice to put out a screenshot ... except we haven't even announced the game officially yet!  So, we took one of the tracks from the game and recorded it running in real-time, as the final teaser before the official announce.  Hope people like it."

A link to the OST track can be found below:

YouTube | Soundcloud

July 2nd, 2020

RetroNinja teases one of the upcoming games in development, code-named: Project RDRA

"The development of my solo project, RDRA, is at a point where I think something may be worth showing to someone other than myself.", remarked Barnes, with regards to the teaser reveal. "Right now, it's just a teaser, but more will be shown soon enough."

A link to the teaser can be found below:

June 5th, 2020

Tony Barnes launches RetroNinja, Inc., an independent game developer, focused on arcade-oriented action/adventure games on all leading platforms, in sunny Orange County, California. 

"It really is about time," says Barnes about RetroNinja.  "There are a lot of people who like certain types of games, many are the types of games I've made, but other companies aren't focusing on those types of games.  RetroNinja does!  RetroNinja is all about those types of fun, visceral, action-oriented experiences. If you look at my past catalog, it can give you an idea of what kinds of games RetroNinja will bring, as well as some surprises."

Inspired by the likes of Treasure, Platinum and Housemarque; RetroNinja's mission is to feed the gamers that want action/arcade games, exactly what they want, combining old school flavor with new school cooking.

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