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GAME : Run Die Run Again (RDRA)

First-Person | Survival | Platformer


Run Die Run Again (RDRA) is a fast-paced first-person precision platformer, where every inch of the environment is out to kill you! A speed-running, trial and error endurance contest, where fast reactions and acrobatic dodging skills are rewarded. 

  • First-person parkour. Precise and responsive first-person platforming controls, enable players to; run, dash, double-jump and stop on a dime.

  • A large variety of race courses. Over 50 hand-crafted obstacle courses, not including alternate route variations, giving the game upwards of 80 courses.

  • Variable difficulty. Multiple play modes, including; Brutal and Zen, for the hardest of the hardcore and content tourists, respectively.

  • Original electronic soundtrack. A unique blend of drum & bass, trap, industrial, trance and hip-hop, keeps players pumped and the momentum going.

  • Unlockable Items. Courses, Songs, Character Holograms, Skins & Celebrations can all be obtained throughout play; as well as hidden “Runner Logs”, which provide world-building lore.

  • Dynamic contextual commentary. The Host of RDRA periodically comments on the player's actions, providing world building and flavor.

  • Leadboards. Local and Global leaderboards, encourage competition among players and the speed-runner community.

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