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BPM Boy Bounces on to the Atari VCS

BPM Boy - physics | platforming | funky music | Atari VCS | Out Now!

After 9 months of intense solo-dev, including a 1.5 month break for RDRA, RetroNinja is proud to announce BPM Boy is now available on the Atari VCS, as a timed-exclusive!

BPM Boy is a marble-turned-DJ, getting ready for a DJ battle at the annual music festival, when his rival, DJ GitBizy decides not to compete but steal the music and the fans! You play BPM Boy, collecting music, rescuing your fans, restoring the music and saving the galaxy from GitBizy.

BPM Boy is a physics-based platformer, with influences from games like Marble Madness, deBlob and even Crystal Castles, all to a funky dynamic soundtrack.

True to RetroNinja form, the game is influenced by retro games, but still feels modern and in the case of the Atari VCS, is pushing the hardware, with various modern rendering techniques, all running at 60fps.

BPM Boy is a timed-exclusive for the Atari VCS hybrid console, with other platforms TBA. RetroNinja has plans to support BPM Boy post-release, with content updates and additional control support.

For more information about BPM Boy, you can check these social platforms, as well as gameplay and trailers:

About RetroNinja Inc.

Headquartered in Southern California, RetroNinja is focused on developing games targeting gamers who crave visceral arcade action/adventure games, on all leading platforms.

Founded in 2020 by industry veteran, Tony Barnes, RetroNinja brings a wealth of experience to the ever-changing videogame industry. With over 35 years of experience, Barnes has created and maintained franchises, revived cult classics and expanded original and licensed IP's, with such high profile titles including; The Strike Series, Star Wars: Episode III, Star Trek DS9: The Fallen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Medal of Honor 2010, and Strider 2014.

BPM Boy is RetroNinja's first shipped title.

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01 de ago. de 2022

Hi Tony,

I noticed that all the times on the Leaderboard end with .00x milliseconds, like if only the last digit is actually used to track the time (please see the attached photo). How is it possible?

Additionally, is this a worldwide leaderboard and are these real players?

That's because I see almost always the same people in the same order in the top ranks. Thanks.

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